Raley Ross for SK: There was satisfaction in helping Mornar win games

journalist: JOVAN KOCEV

Brandis Raley Ross was one of the key players of the BC Mornar in the best season the team from Bar played in all competitions. Along with Vranješ and Nidam, he was the main driving force in positions one and two, hit hard shots, took the game one on one, when it did not go to anyone’s hand.


First of all, congratulations in the extraordinary season!

The first question for you is: What was your first contact with KK Mornar?

„My first contact was last June when I received interest from the team.“

What were the expectations at the beginning of you personally, and on the other hand, how were the goals of the club presented to you?

„For me the expectations were to win championships in all the leagues we were participating in. I’m a very competitive player and I love to win.

I also wanted to show myself on this level and prove that I could be a good player in ABA League.

The team’s goal at beginning of the season were to be competitive in ABA league and battle for chance at title in Montenegro league.“


The schedule at the start of the ABA league was very difficult, and the results came a little later, was there any doubt about that?

„There were no doubts!! I knew that once we developed a better chemistry as a team that our hard work would pay off with wins.“

How satisfied were you with your personal accomplishments after several matches, you decided on the first match with Partizan, what was the feeling?

„There was satisfaction in helping Mornar win games. For me I’m always looking/searching for ways to improve everyday.

So I can say that I never really feel satisfaction because there is always another level to reach.

The feeling was to win vs Partizan and I was fortunate to be in a good situation where I could finish the game with a shot.“


The first success of the Mornar was the final of National CUP of Montenegro, where one ball practically decided on the title. Comment?

„It was a huge accomplishment for our team. We were clicking as a team and fought really hard for the title.“

It was a huge result for the team (placement in semi-finals of the ABA LEAGUE playoffs). How do you look from this angle to that fact?

“To reach the playoffs was also a goal for our team. It was a surprise to everyone in the outside but inside our team “we knew that the playoffs were our goal.””

There was also a domestic championship, many injuries and problems, but at some surprise, the championship title. How much did that mean to you and how happy were you?


„It meant a lot to me!! I didn’t want to return home without a title. I was happy for our organization, coaches, owners and fans. History was made and I can say I’m apart of it.“

Mornar will play for the first time in Eurocup, the Future in Euroleague in the upcoming season. Have you talked to people in the club and is there a chance to see your great performances in the best competitions of Montenegro clubs in the coming year?

„Eurocup is a big step and another challenge for Mornar! Hopefully if everything works out ok I could be back with the team.“

Jovan Kocev

Autor teksta je diplomirani sportski novinar od oktobra 2012. godine. Dva puta je proglašavan za najboljeg studenta Fakulteta za sport i fizičko vaspitanje u Nikšiću (2010. i 2011. godine) Osnivač je portala Super košarka u februaru mjesecu 2016. godine. Od polusezone 2017/2018. postaje košarkaški komentator na TV MNE SPORT.

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